Sports Development Program

There is a beauty in youth sports that have impact so far beyond the field. When a child picks up a ball, jumps in a pool, or feels the wind in their face while they move and play, so many opportunities exist. They learn how to solve problems, how to interact with their peers, how to persevere through struggle, and how to win and lose with grace. 

These skills go beyond the field. They translate into the classroom, at home, and someday in the workforce. 

We know that these skills are powerful determinants in a child’s future success.

We also know that these life skills need to be intentionally taught and reinforced so that our players can begin to use the skills they learn on the fields. 

 We are concerned with both having the next super star athlete and   impacting youth to be powerful leaders in our communities. Our city needs more young people who are strong and healthy and able to continue the upward rise of Zanzibar. 

Our coaching staff is trained in the skills of each the sports we offer, but are also trained in the development of the whole person. This is how we impact our player so that they will someday impact our community. 

Sports Empower Youth. It is not a slogan, but a reminder that our jobs on the fields is to empower our players to grow, learn, and have fun. 

Our players are where the future lies and they will become the agents of change who will make Zanzibar stronger.

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