Our Activities


  1. Have regular training courses, seminars, conferences, national and International Holiday camps.
  2. Support skills development Centers with modern learning materials.
  3. Develop a media center  for access to learning information.
  4. Develop a learning resource center for youth.
  5. Have capacity building programs for Teacher.
  6. Find internship opportunities for youth within and outside the Country to enable them develop their skills further and gain more experience.
  7. Have youth exchange programs between youth from Zanzibar/Tanzania and youth from other countries.
  8. Find and bring skilled volunteers from abroad to share marketable skills with youth of Zanzibar/Tanzania.
  9. Have an experience, skills and knowledge sharing platform between Teachers from Zanzibar/Tanzania and Teachers from abroad to enable local teachers maximize their potential to serve their communities.
  10. Provide Scholarship to needy students.
  11. Organize and support annual reading competition for youth in Schools.
  12. Organize and support sports activities that encourage youth to participate in sport.
  13. To print, publish and broadcast through mass media and to publish our own, books, magazines and the like on the research findings and other activities of the organization.
  14. To carry out any other activity in consonance with the organization’s status and objectives.