Kofia-Pouch Project

 A women economic empowerment project

Kofia is a Swahili word which means a hat, there many types of hats but in this Project we are talking about the traditional one worn by Muslim men in many part of East Africa.

On the Island of Zanzibar it’s a culture for women to make traditional Kofia. Apart from working at home and raising kids, many women on the Island have a second job which is Kofia embroidering, this is their other source of income . The talented women carefully sew them stich-by-stich by hand.

Lack of market for their products is among the challenges these women faced because there are many women making Kofia from every part of the Island.

In order to enable women of Makunduchi Village overcome that challenge mentioned above, Daria Cathomen one of our Volunteers and one of the founders of our Organization came up with a beautiful idea of transforming these traditional  Kofia into beautiful and unique Pouches. She also tries hard to help market the Pouches within and outside the country. She does all that with an intention of lifting the economic status of poor women from Makunduchi – Zanzibar.

Do you wanna have one or more of these Unique and beautiful Pouches?, with a donation of $60 you will have this handmade Pouch.

With your donation, you are not only choosing a fair and ecologically produced product, also you directly support financially the local women as well as making your contribution towards the process of fighting poverty  in the rural village of Makunduchi in the South of Unguja Island

Our ultimate goal is to provide regular, long-term work for poor women. ongoing work and fair wages mean the artisans who make the products are good earners for their families. This creates a sense of dignity, respect from others, self-confidence and means their voice is heard when it comes to important decisions about how their well-earned money is spent.

Buying a pouch allows them to plan for their futures, such as sending their children to School, repairing their homes, paying for medical expenses and so much more.

Make your order here; with a donation of $60 or more one of these Kofia pouches will be yours!

 Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

Note: For contacts and donation information just select Contacts or Donation button from the menu of this website

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