Elimu ya Msichana Project

Poverty, unemployment , lack of marketable skills is still among the biggest challenges in many societies more especially in Villages across the island of Zanzibar which leads to very poor standards of living in many families. The victims of excess poverty are mostly women and their Children because in these communities mostly in Village there is still a belief that women are not supposed to study and become professional or have skill that can help stand on their own/do work of their choice. Many people think that women are supposed to be under men who are responsible for providing them with everything needed in their daily life.

As result many girl don’t get the same chance as boys when it comes to education, those who attend School 92% drop at early stages/secondary education and marry at a young age of 16-19, many are forced to marry men who are not of their choice. The situation worsens more when these innocence young women marry men with no formal jobs and many of these men have more than one wives with children whom they cant take care of. At the end of the day, women are much mistreated by their men because they cant stand up for their rights, again, theses women and their children live the whole of their lives in excess poverty.

The founders of Jigegemee Educational Organisation are much concerned with the issue of poverty, we are fighting poverty, all our projects are geared toward enabling young people to fight against poverty.

We believe education is the major weapon that can save these communities from the poor living conditions . That’s why we started this project, we want to ensure that girls also get a chance to have quality education and skills for self-reliance, we want to enable girl to study and reach Universities/Colleges to became professional and live a better life.

In order to reach our goals for this program, we do rise community awareness about the importance of girls education to community development, we encourage girls to attend School, we also do speak to their parents to take them to School, we support Schools with learning material, we provide School Materials to girls and sponsor/help pay their schools fees as well as carrier guidance, we bring skilled volunteer from different parts of the world to come and share their skills and knowledge with these young women and we plan to do more to reach our goal.

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