Kiswahili & Foreign language learning Project

The fast growing sector of Tourism has many opportunities to offer for the community from the Island of Zanzibar but due to lack of the necessary skills in the area of Tourism and Hospitality, the local youth are not benefiting much from the growing sector of Tourism as many opportunities are taken by youth mostly from the Mainland and neighboring Countries who have better academic background.

Our findings shows that language barriers is among the reason why the local youth are left out  from Job opportunities. Many employers (Hotels, Tour companies ,Taxis )prefer to employ persons capable of communicating in International language more especially English.

In order to tackle the above mentioned challenge, our organization came up with this project to help underprivileged youth learn foreign languages and communication skill with a major aim of enabling local youth learn marketable skills for future employment and give them a chance to benefit from the speedy growing Tourism sector.

Under this project, we plan to teach English, Arabic, Germany, French and Italian. We also teach Swahili to Tourist interested in learning the local language.

Please “come and teach us your language, we will teach ours”