About us

Jitegemee Educational Organization (JEO)

We are non-government, voluntary organization for Education and Research founded in 2018. We are registered by the government of Zanzibar and the government of the United Republic of Tanzania to work at a national level.

We are based at Makunduchi a fishing Village, Kiongoni Ward, South District in the Southern Region of Unguja in Zanzibar-Tanzania

Jitegemee is a Swahil word which means self-reliance.

We work to help underprivileged youth become independent by enabling them have marketable skills for self-reliance  and improve their standards of living.

All founders of JEO once worked as volunteer Teachers  in the Southern District of Zanzibar where the JEO is based. While volunteering, they found out that many community member in Zanzibar especially youth and women lived in excess poverty, had no job opportunities and lacked marketable skills. They also found out a lot of challenges in Schools which hinders the development of marketable skills among the youth. All founders believe that education is the foundation for development of any community and, in order to make their contribution towards community development, the founders decided to start a Voluntary organization to help underprivileged youth have access to quality education to enable them have marketable skills for self-reliance, for their future employment and, improve their  standards of living.


Developing skilled youth and promote social-economic development.


To empower underprivileged youth through marketable skills for Self-reliance and improve their livelihood.